Thomas Magno’s Background

Thomas Magno earned an MFA in Cinematography at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. His pursuit of photography was a natural evolution from that point, excelling as a student photographer initially, thriving in landscape photography and going on to amass decades of experience producing advertising campaigns.

A huge pivot point in his career occurred in 1990, when after years of mastering his studio skills, he began working on location as a cinematographer in Los Angeles. This brought him back to his landscape photography roots. Following those four years, he returned back to the East Coast and began working with the advertising industry capturing landscape based imagery. Before long, this evolved to include a specialty in architecture as well.

Landscapes are – and always will be – his passion. Today Thomas has carved out a unique niche with the auto industry, capturing backgrounds and locations for vehicle photography.


As Thomas has evolved and taken on new challenges, the key driving force behind his photography and art has been a consistent approach. Whether in a studio, or the most remote location, he uses the same fundamental process: First, maintain an uncompromising standard for composition and design. Second, understand and utilize lighting to its greatest potential – be it natural lighting or strategically placed.